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When I was 11 years old I did not expect to reach my 12th birthday. In the playground of Griffith  Primary School we had helped to build slit trenches. We were not scared, we just used to figure out  in which part of the ‘zig- zag ’ would we shelter when the Zero’s came to strafe us. For those not old enough to understand the word 'strafe' the Zero class aircraft fighter pilots  were trained to fly over slit trenches spraying bullets.  



The fear came when we knew that the Japs had landed in New Guinea, their midget subs sank ships in Sydney Harbour and HMAS ‘Sydney’ was sunk with no survivors.

I will never forget our soldiers on the Kokoda Track. When the Americans fought a draw with the Japanese navy  in the Coral Sea and then basted them out of the water so to speak at  Midway we knew that we were on the way to winning the war. Our Government had made all of the right decisions – even considering ’The Brisbane Line’ – and we had powerful friends. When it seemed obvious that the Japs would land in Australia it was decided to let them occupy the North and we would fight them from a position of strength in the South

At school I was elected as school captain, captain of the Rugby League team and was on a debating team but I was not the top dog. 

My chosen work fields were as an engineer and as a consultant. I was invited to  projects in the US. Japan and Indonesia.  Australia had a magnificent reputation in manufacturing and construction. I lived in the best of times.

When I returned to look after my Mum I was devastated by the mountains of skeletons  of Valencia orange trees. Refer to INFO Agriculture Skeletons of orange trees. Three of us from Mr. Frank Taylor's economics class at Griffith High School started research of what went wrong after 93 years of magnificent growth  in Griffith. We were concerned about  farmers going broke and shops closing.

Our research identified four political decisions which we believe caused Griffith to go from 93 years of magnificent growth to decline.

Peter Katsoolis was an excellent debater at school which we used to great advantage to direct and helped to convert some of my wildest dreams into logical messages. He helped us to. attack the statements of politicians and others.

Jean McClung found a DVD by the late Lance Endersbee. That changed our lives. Information and graphics are featured in INFO-Economics-'Tariff Reduction Consequences.' 

Jean McClung also alerted us to banking problems and the need to legislate Glass-Steagall to separate financially toxic derivatives from conventional banking.

We have still not got at Barnaby Joyce but we continue to try to ‘get at’ Barnaby. We want to phase out the importation of cancerous orange  concentrate which has no Vitamin C and no  antioxidants

When we realised that no one was doing or saying anything about these things it,  we increased the scope of our investigations by a significant degree. We moved into the political sphere 

Just over 75 years on and we have the same foreboding  as in 1941. The problem this time is the Government is only interested in keeping voters happy and going further into debt. We have no powerful friends because the US is in more debt than we are and China wants to buy our land and water.

Later we felt that this was taking far too long. Refer to INFO - BANKING - Saving Australia's Big Four Banks

The four political decisions were:

1. Starting to reduce tariffs in 1970. Refer to INFO-Economics-Consequences of Tariff Reductions  

2. Separating water from land by water minister Malcolm Turnbull gives me one of many reasons he will be remembered as a traitor.

3.Reversal of the ban which would have prevented cancerous orange concentrate from coming to Australia. The ban was planned for April 2012. It is sad for me to think of of hundreds or farming families who have gone to live on the coast

4. The betrayal which led to the formation of the Murray Darling Basin Authority. Refer to the HOME page

These policies were developed. My top policy  is to open the barrages at the Lower Lakes as Nature intended for millions of years prior to 1940.

Another is  to debate why MDBA should be disbanded.

Yet another, is to get at the former Water Minister - Malcolm Turnbull we separated water from land.