Being Ignored by Politicians

i drew the short straw and was the person to challenge Adrian Piccoli  during the 2015 State election for the electorate of Murray. The one debate was to be in Wentworth right at the other end of the electorate. The three independents traveled there but Adrian sent his apologies. 

ABC Radio promised 'robust debate' at the 2016 Federal election but changed the rules as described in INFO-Political- Media.

At the 2017 Murray State by-election I was interviewed by FM radio and that interview is available on INFO-Political-Media. I stated my belief in free speech and spoke of my rights to debate with elected members of any of the three tiers of Government. The manager and I disagreed and when he said that the station was sponsoring – in conjunction with the Business Chamber - a convener who is a councilor and they all prohibit debate it proved to our research group a very unfortunate situation which seems to exist in Griffith.

The council member did email me and I am able to spread this into various media outlets (except  local FM):

The convener emailed me these examples of what I consider to be hypocrisy (the italics are my comments) :

‘If you wish to exercise your democratic right and not attend that is up to you. I am not as gutless as those who will not respond to debate challenges

‘   as you strive to join the so called Establishment....' I am writing a book 'The Failure of the Australian Establishment'  - the last thing I want to do is to join them. 

 ‘Stop launching at people and stand up and be counted. I have stood up to be counted and  challenged him to a debate but as expected he  is gutless.

‘Your persistence in seeking a debate is tiresome.’ That is a gem worth repeating in Social Media and other media (except FM radio). 

 The theme i of this section is continued in this fax to the Prime Minister who will also probably ignore me.

Prime Minister  Malcolm Turnbull Fax 0293272533

I believe in free speech and that I have the right to debate with members of Parliament. I have contested three elections and have been denied the right to debate at each one.

At the State by-election for Murray I took it on myself to issue challenges to Austin Evens. He accepted being called  gutless rather than discuss or debate. Recently I had two letters date stamped, initialled and copied. The public servant is prepared to adjudicate a debate if Austin agrees. I am waiting on the outcome.

I believe that I have achieved an Australian first by having Sussan Ley accept at least three debates. Calling them debates is a misnomer because Sussan has not responded to any of my debating moves. There is a chance that a retired school teacher might agree to adjudicate.

For four years Barnaby Joyce has been dodging me after I wrote the book entitled ‘Barnaby, you know nothing about Valencia oranges and do not care for those who grow them .’

The Sydney office of NSW Farmers have not responded to this debate challenge:

‘I believe that the former Minister for Water Malcolm Turnbull was responsible for one of what I consider to be four political decisions which have put our region into decline  - the separation of water from land. Most see this as being irreversible.

 ‘I have a book with the title of ‘High and Dry.’  It has  a sub heading :

'How free trade in water will cripple Australian Agriculture.'  

 ‘It includes  ‘This book has been written to give farmers a voice. Their farm peak bodies and their political representatives have failed them badly in the debate on water policy.'

 ‘The book presents the idea that the separation of water from land should be reversed and can be reversed. I look forward to debating this with  you.’

 There has been no response so I want to go to the next step and ask for you to debate the contents of the book with me.