State Election for Murray 2017



My top priority is to save our farmers by opening the barrages at the Lower Lakes and to disband the MDBA.

Number 2 is phase out cancerous orange concentrate after the Nats and Barnaby Joyce bulldozed trees equivalent to 200,000 tonnes per year

Number 3 is to require the two most likely winners  to define their understanding of the time table for key elements of the new hospital plan. If there is a National member after this election I want at least monthly discussions or reports on progress compared to plan.

Number 4 is to identify and then debate factors in the collusion of the three tiers of Government. This is a lead in to campaigns to see country electorates of Maranoa, Parkes, Farrer and even more return to country control. Plan B to have as many members joining Australian Country Party as possible. 

Austin Evans the candidate for Murray joined a long line of National Party losers with his initial announcement that he would campaign on the Nationals record.

Murray is the second largest of a shrinking number of agricultural electorates. Adrian Piccoli was chosen to be the Minster for Education and Deputy Leader of the Nationals. In 2015 two of the current candidates challenged him as he was closing country schools.

He tried - as Deputy Leader of the Nats - to get among the big boys and made an announcement on power policy. He got it all wrong and I have a front page of the Daily Telegraph depicting him as a dim wit. On Face Book there is a closed Group named ‘Dim Wit Piccoli’  He tried to cover up both of those by ordering a Gee Whiz computerised education monitoring system. It did not work and cost the Government a lot of money. The Premier realised what I had known for a long time and fired him as a minister.

The one bit of arithmetic he had learned was that the longer he remained as a back bencher the less his pension would be so he resigned to take a University job where they would value his political connections not his IQ.

During the 2015 election he dodged us all the way. In the two years since then on a reasonably regular basis I hand delivered letters to Adrian’s office. His staff dutifully date stamped, initialled and copied them but he never responded to even one of them.

How out of touch were Austin and his team to deliver letters to every mail box from Adrian thanking us all for the cooperation between he and each of us. They realised their error and reached back in history to have the next message from Kay Hull. I thought that I had lost the chance to recall the letter in the “:Area News’ from Kay congratulating all of the growers of Valencia orange trees who  bulldozed them out.

Austin, here we go again.

Earlier Open letter to Austin Evans

 If you campaign on the strong track record of the National Party in Murray you will be soundly beaten or at very least you should be. During the 2015 campaign, Adrian Piccoli dodged all candidates even in the one pre-arranged debate in Wentworth. He used the same evasive tactics at a meeting requested by the Yenda Progress Association prior to the campaign. The meeting was to try to regain a police presence following the flood. Adrian sent his apologies and came a week later accompanied by the press and a photographer.  The headline on 19th January 2014 was ‘MP steps in to solve Yenda’ crime problem.’ Yenda is still without police protection.




To-day 28th September Ballot draw and I scored as number 1.

Our research group identified three groups which are causing the decline of Australia - politicians, The Establishment and Media

Obviously, everyone knows that my primary target is Austin Evans but will he engage within the first week - most unlikely.

Day 2 Friday 29th. For four years our research group thought that it is impossible to engage in debate with any member of the the three tiers of Government. Recently we think that we achieved an Australia wide first to bate with a potential member for the NSW electorate of Murray 



Austin the Wombat:'He (Brian Mills) wants to debate the opening of the barrages at the Lower Lakes and to debate the removal of the MDBA in a three way debate with Austin the Politician and the chairman of the MDBA Neil Andrews who said that he did not want to communicate. Brian Mills said that he would not talk to Neil but would talk about him.

 'If Brian want to play rough I, Austin the Wombat,  can assure you that the National Party has the money and the back room boys who will teach him what playing rough means.

 'Who does he think he is – the Prime Minister? Next thing he will be saying ‘Jobs and Growth’ in every second sentence.

 'I will not debate with him until he apologises for calling Adrian Piccoli, Niall Blair and Kevin Humphries a bunch of losers.'



Dear Austin,

This could be the most important letter I will write in this  whole campaign. After I have sent it I will wait a short while and phone to ask if you received it . If there is no response I will try to get it to you via the National Party communications system.

In my web site there is a section called ‘About Us’ which is an introduction to who we are. One significant comment is that I feel that I was invited as an engineer and as a consultant to three other countries because of a perceived ability to do the almost impossible. When our group realised that there were  four political decisions which we feel are  causing us to go into decline we decided that one of us would have to contest elections. 

After two elections in which I feel that I and others were shafted we established a strategy to make significant changes. Federally it took us 13 months of association before we achieved what might be an Australia wide first – an agreed debate with a Federal member.

For Murray,we do not have that time. We have already written how The Establishment and Media protect politicians. To us this is illustrated by The Establishment using completely political ineffective ‘Meet the Candidates’ format.

To you, Austin Evans the National Party candidate for Murray, I challenge you to the first of many adjudicated debates. The first one is the most important and the most critical. The dual subject is to remove the barrages at the Lower Lakes. Also I want to debate with you and perhaps with Neil Andrew the Chairman of MDBA that the MDBA should be disbanded.

Austin,I sent this challenge at 4.20 pm on Frfday 29th to see what SMARTS he has to represent us in Parliament.

My return phone number was there. Is he scared of  his inability to respond logically? 




Austin is already speaking with a forked tongue. In the ‘Area News’ of 6th October he said that the NSW Government should withdraw from the Basin Plan.

 Then he said ‘But at some point you have to move beyond just protest and try to lessen the impact of what has been imposed upon us.’

 On 11th and 12th September MDBA  had meetings in Griffith. At the meeting on 11th  how strenuously did Austin protest? I was told that he was there  ‘in his capacity as the 'administrator' of the merged council. He only spoke briefly once.’

 Compare that with what was said at the meeting on 12th. It is shown on the HOME page of this web site.

I was encouraged by a meeting in Deniliquin which included constructive debate.

24 hours later in Griffith there was a meeting in which debate was banned. There were a noticeable number of political wannabes  showing how they could talk beyond an incredible number of despite a book describing how free trade in water will cripple Australian agriculture. 

I despair for the future of our country. However the cat has been put among the canaries because I have challenged the convener of the meeting Kathleen Curry representing NSW Farmers to a debate. The subject is 'Disbanding the MDBA.' 

The third and final meeting for this election campaign is planned for the evening of 12th October. The day before I was among a collection of political people handing pout leaflets to early voters. I reminded Austin that I had issued a debate challenge to him. He was aware of that but had no intention of responding. I referred to him as a guxxxxx bdddddd. it was agreed that a more acceptable description is 'gentleman who chooses not to respond to a debate challenge.'

As we approach to-morrow I do not anticipate a  politically acceptable outcome and have presented this in Social Media:

The reason I contest elections is to exercise my right to freedom of speech and my right to debater with members or those who are standing to replace a member who has chickened out. I have found that the part of media represented by FM Radio and Local Government (the appointed convener)  oppose debate among candidates.

 The ‘Area News’ asked me to define my policies which are shown below. My assessment is that politics would be best served by the member and me presenting our policies and then debating them. Instead the member can prattle on about his supposed achievements and his grandiose promises. He does not have to define  issues like water, MDBA, Valencia oranges and collusion of the three tiers of Government and debate them. This is what I have presented to print media. ‘I have numbered every square to show me as 1, Helen Dalton as 2 and Austin Evans last. ‘Remove barrages to return Lower Lakes to estuarine as they were for millions of years prior to 1940. ‘Disband MDBA by challenging to debate with Barnaby Joyce, Neil Andrew and Kathleen Curry of NSW Farmers. Kathleen as convener of a Griffith candidates meeting would not allow debate. At the Deniliquin candidates meeting there was healthy and constructive debate . I firmly believe that constructive debate is essential to the political process. Austin Evans has been challenged but has chickened out. An Australia wide achievement came when the Federal member for Farrer, Sussan Ley agreed to three debates including saving the Valencia industry. ‘Ban imported cancerous orange concentrate. If the Nats are beaten this could save the Valencia industry and bring (would you believe) jobs and growth. ‘Reduce collusion of three tiers of Government. Councillors were challenged and spoke against saving the Valencia industry. ‘I have given access to a wide reaching web site which is

 If Austin wins on 14th I will be presenting this portion of the web site to be analysed for politically aware people to present their assessment of how politically correct the process was.  

 Senty by email to Austin Evans, Brian Simpmson and otghers: 

 This is Thursday morning 12th October. Starting at 5.45 pm to-day there will be what I consider to be an undemocratic ‘Meet the Candidates.’

 Four years ago a group of Griffith High School ex students started research showing  that after 93 years of strong growth in Griffith that the  growth is being followed by  decline.

 Four political decisions were identified and written about. Finding solutions has been more difficult but for this by-election,  four policies were hammered out with the Electoral Commission and are shown in my How to Vote card.

 I contested two elections previously and there was to be a debate with the member  in each case. In 2015, three independents travelled to Wentworth only to find that Adrian Piccoli sent his apology and arrived a week later when we were not there. In 2016 ABC Radio promised ‘robust debate’ but then changed the rules of engagement.

 In this by-election I  took it upon myself to issue a debate  challenge to Austin Evans. He has publicly advised that he will not be involved in any debate. I have two major concerns about the meeting this evening. First is the lack of debate and the second is that I consider that the convener chosen by Dolf Murwood of FM Radio and others – Cr. Brian Simpson -  is a most unsuitable choice.

 One of my policies which has now been accepted by the Electoral Commission is ‘Ban importation of cancerous orange concentrate.’  When I presented this to Griffith City Council to save the Valencia orange industry there were councillors  who spoke against it. The most strident opponent was Brian Simpson.

 Another policy which I am pleased to see has been accepted by the Electoral Commission is ‘Reduce the collusion of the three tiers of Government .’ They and  the Establishment  appear to be holding back the initiatives which could return  agricultural strength to our region.

 The meeting in Deniliquin on Sunday allowed constructive debate and it was very successful. Twenty four hours later and the convener Kathleen Curry of NSW Farmers allowed no debate and the important issue of MDBA was glossed over. I am very pleased to say that the Electoral Commission has accepted my policy of ‘Disband MDBA.’  I have very firm plans on how to follow this through.

 There was a very important meeting in Griffith on 11th September  when MDBA were trying to persuade the stakeholders including NSW Farmers and Austin Evans in his capacity to accept the next stage of their environmental plan. Their plan is to be presented by the MDBA CEO Phillip Glyde to Barnaby Joyce  for him to accept it. Philip Glyde was appointed by Barnaby Joyce.  At the meeting with MDBA on Tuesday 12th September I had some very feisty exchanges with the chairman of MDBA Neil Andrew who was a Liberal member for 11 years. Neil will be one of my targets for disbanding MDBA.

 Neither Kathleen nor Austin said more than  a few words at the meeting on 11th.  I have since issued a debate challenge to Kathleen but as with most members of The Establishment, I am not expecting a response.

 In my web site I have quoted what I feel are the incorrect reasons given by Austin and his National Party colleague who is pretending to  be an independent – Peter Robinson -  have given as  their reasons for not wanting to rein in MDBA.

 I have made comments twice to Dolf Murwood and once to Brian Simpson without getting any satisfaction in relation to this evening’s meeting . 

 I feel sufficiently strongly about my right for free speech that if the meeting this evening does not advance the prospects of the Murray electorate that I will make a presentation to the Electoral Commission. 

I contest elections for two main reasons. One is to exercise my right to free speech and I am very slowly learning how to achieve debates with members of parliament.  Stage 1 is to get agreement on the subject and an assessment of the member’s  basic beliefs. To start with,  ‘debate’ could be a misnomer. After 13 months I have achieved an Australia wide first with three defined debates with Sussan Ley.

As I fire the rockets at the political beliefs it is proving difficult to get a counter argument. However, nothing is impossible.

 In relation to Austin Evans, it seems that the Establishment is planning to protect him by not permitting debate. My Stage 1 was to take it on myself to issue him a series of debate challenges with the initial wording in Social Media and in my web site. In this by-election I have failed to see anything except vague descriptions of what Austin stands for. In my case I have obtained official agreement from the Electoral Commission for four of my top policies which are defined on my How to Vote sheet. Obviously they are my first targets when aiming at Austin. 

 I have a firm plan on how to aim at disbanding MDBA. At the MDBA meeting in Griffith on 11th September, Austin did not give anything away because he basically said nothing. However a strange and incorrect statement by Austin that it  is not possible to challenge MDBA because ‘Sydney people make it impossible for anything positive to be achieved’  leads people on Social Media to  wonder about him.



Letter to the Editor

Open Letter to Austin Evans and to Sussan Ley


Thanks to Main Stream Media and a letter in the mail I received from John Howard and Tim Fisher at tax payers expense, Austin Evans has squeak in with only 39.8% of the primary vote and a swing of about 13% . John Howard and Tim Fisher are now on my Rogues Gallery. Social Media is hammering them.


It cost me $250.00 to contest the election and $94.00  for How to Vote cards. I came 4th out of 6 so my budget allows me to contest the next elections against Austin who does not have the intestinal fortitude to debate the four policies which the Electoral Commission accepted:

Remove barrages at the Lower Lakes,

Disband the MDBA

Ban importation of cancerous orange concentrate

Reduce the collusion of the three tiers of Government . I have added

New Hospital for Griffith

Debate the effects of the Lima Declaration.


Austin, when you refuse to debate the import of cancerous orange concentrate you might  ask Kay Hull to debate whether she honestly does not remember writing in the ‘Area News’ congratulating Valencia orange farmers who had to bulldoze their trees due to Government legislating allowing the importation of cancerous product.


Now that the election is over I will resume debates with Sussan Ley. I will be enlisting the aid of Geoffrey Hudson who wrote in the ‘Area News’ of 9th October  about me that ‘he chose to address a stuffed toy rabbit called Sussan rather than Sussan herself.’


The background to this is that I believe that I have achieved an Australian first by obtaining agreement to at least three debates with a Federal member. Referring to them as debates is a bit of a misnomer because in the ‘debate’ on Saving the Australian Big Four Banks I have asked Sussan the Politician many times whether she is aware that our banks are already 40% owned by J P Morgan. HSBC and Citigroup. Geoffrey Hudson, assistance from you would be very welcome.


The agreed debate about banning cancerous orange concentrate was even more bizarre. In Volume 3 of ‘Is Australia a True Democracy?’  chapter 4 is called ‘Diversions, fob offs and ignoring of opponents.’


Instead of Sussan talking to me she assigned her Media Manager Steven Block to discuss the details prior to direct discussion with Sussan the Politician. Diversions and fob offs occurred for months.  I wanted to know what Sussan my member felt but  Steve decided to go to Barnaby Joyce. I have been trying to contact Barnaby for four years and have written a book ’Barnaby, you know nothing about Valencia Oranges and do not care for those who grow them.’ I sent him a copy of the book by registered mail. It came back ‘Return to Sender.’ He does not have the courage to face up to issues.


Steve’s final message was ‘As indicated I will continue to chase and come back to you when we have something.’ That was over a year ago. Geoffrey Hudson, if you could get an answer which would help us return Australian profitable control of Australian orange juice manufacturing you would be providing the community with a great service. My only option seems to be to write another script for a debate for You Tube between Sussan the Rabbit and me.


Pundits are already suggesting that the Liberals might lose Farrer in 2019.