Mainstream Media is different. My only chance is to write something myself and post it here

Australia is the driest continent on earth. When explorers went to the mouth of the Murray it was blocked with sand caused by normal tidal action. It would be cleared when regular ‘flooding rains’ occurred. The Snowy Mountains Scheme was a marvel of constructive planning and of engineering. I was so proud of my birth place Griffith and of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.

That changed when threats of irrigation water being taken for supposed environmental purposes. In Griffith BAN THE PLAN signs were everywhere. On 15th December 2011 there were an estimated 12,000 concerned residents at a meeting at the Yoogali Club which mainstream media recognised instantly. Prime Minister Tony Abbott flew in to announce that he would not accept a bad plan.

A few months later there was what I consider to be criminal betrayal. The Liberals wanted to protect three seats in South Australia. They meekly accepted the wishes of Labor and the Greens and the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) was formed. This betrayal was so profound that it is my belief that the people of Griffith were so mortified that they are now apathetic.

Almost six years on, I attended a meeting of the MDBA on 12th September 2017. I have been a fairly regular correspondent in the Broken Hill newspaper and MDBA is threatening their whole region. Broken Hill is close to running out of drinking water, the Menindee Lakes system is battling blue/green algae and the Darling River has dried up due to politicians being lobbied by cotton growers.

Only about 20 people attended the meeting in Griffith (a long way down from 12,000) and there was not even a newspaper reporter. Even that number was boosted by about five  MDBA staff to encourage the community to accept environmental expenses to the detriment of economic issues. There were five dissenting speakers from the small audience. The chairman Neil Andrew was asked about Broken Hill. He assured us that there were no problems and that he would be there in a few days. He was not there on 16th at Menindee. At that meeting there were approximately 100. It was  reported  that none of them were pleased with the presentation by  MDBA.

Neil and I had a final difference of opinions after the meeting and I sent him an email as a follow  up. The final result was Neil advising that we should no longer communicate. My response was that I can accept that and not talk to him again but that I would talk about him. The HOME page of my web site features Neil and the MDBA.

In the web site I will be developing a section in INFO-Political-media. If ever our region is to recover from its seemingly constant decline there has to at least a small portion of main stream media to assist.

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Recently I received a call from Ray Hadley’s office. As soon as I told him what the subject would be there was no further communication. More recently I made a presentation to Karl Stefanovic. An automatic response advised that my message had been received and that my email address and phone number were known.Nothing ever happened. It seems that anyone who is not a true blue Conservative can ever get a hearing - or so it seems on Mainstream Media..

It was pleasant change in regional FM Radio when all shades of the political spectrum were treated equally in the lead up to the by-election for the  NSW electorate of Murray. The FM station is taking the initiative of broadcasting the interview with each of the six candidates.

I will still be looking for a radio station whose management does not join with some of the Establishment to finalise the election campaign by co-hosting a ‘Meet the Candidates’ which I had previously suggested to them that this is  a  completely undemocratic format.

Meanwhile I accept what will be happening in the next few weeks.

Let differences wait in the hope that they can accept logical arguments when they arrive.

 The dunce’s cap went to ABC Radio at Deniliquin at the Federal election in 2016/

At what should have been the only chance to debate with the member was  to be at a 30 minute ABC Radio broadcast in Deniliquin. This was a complete betrayal. Weeks before I had checked with Benjamin Shuhla who assured me that it would allow ‘robust’ debate with the member.

The moderator – ABC announcer Anne Delany – made it quite clear that the topics would be chosen by her and that there would be no deviation from those topics. I was not allowed to deviate – even though I tried many times.

 Anne cemented her place here in the preface by twice belittling the minor party candidates and the independent for them describing in detail  how to save the water problem when she insisted that they had no chance of them beating the Liberal member.

On the day of the Murray by-election The Electoral Commission had dcecreed that only material which had been pre-approvedf could be used. I believe that The two page spread by the 'Daily Telegraph' featuring John Howard and Tim Fischer warning voters not to vote for Shooter, Fishers and Farmers  was ILLEGAL. So also were the tax payer fungdeed letters which i received in th email on thnatg dfay were also ILLEGAL. 

The ABC 'Insidewrs' backed the crims John Howartd and Tim Fioscher. When can a humble independent exercise his freedomm ol speech???

 On cue Ray Hadley vocally supported the crims. A friend of mine refers to him as Spray Badly which seems appropriate.