Collusion 3 Tiers of Government

My perfect(??) example started when I wanted to get Barnaby Joyce to visit Griffith to save the Valencia orange industry (Refer INFO-Agriculture-Skeletons of Orange Tre

For four long years I have been trying to make contact with Barnaby Joyce. I invoked item C4 of the Griffith City Council Community Strategic Plan. It  states ‘To advocate on behalf of the community with State and Federal authorities.’ 


I asked the Mayor of Griffith  to contact Barnaby Joyce. He responded by emailing me to ask me to take his name from my email list.


Later I invoked item C4 with the General Manager. He never responded so I faxed  the State Minister for Local Government. Two of his staff sent  me nonsensical answers. Soon after that he was demoted. His replacement is not just Minister for Local Government but she is also the NSW Attorney-General To date she  has not answered.


While I was sending successive faxes I added a former adversary Troy Grant to the list. I also added  Adrian Piccoli and the Premier to the list. A surprise respondent was the Office of the Premier. I had mentioned  the agricultural problems in our region and the letter to me from the Premier’s office  which was also sent  to Niall Blair, was that Niall should write to me but he never did. I believe that a person with the impressive title of Deputy Director General DPI Agriculture probably wanted to become a hero. His first letter was as a representative of Niall Blair.

After that even he was evasive but the letters he sent are on file and I am prepared to debate the contents with you for us to agree or to disagree on the ability of the Nationals to represent Murray.