Farrer Federal 2019


As an engineer and a consultant  I believe that I built a reputation for doing the almost impossible. That led to projects in the United States, Japan and Indonesia.

When I returned to my hope town of Griffith, NSW which had grown for 93 magnificent years and was now in decline, our research group realised that it was time to try for the almost impossible again.

For 117 years Australia’s Federal  politics has been dominated by a duopoly of the two major party groups. As the person who drew the short straw to become the independent candidate with the two main aims of freedom of speech based on debates with members of parliament and looking to smash the duopoly they were ambitious aims.

However, after 4 years of research on 18th October 2017 this letter in the ’Area News’ represented  a  satisfactory milestone:

Open Letter to Sussan Ley

 Now that the by-election is over I will resume debates with Sussan Ley. I will be enlisting the aid of Geoffrey Hudson who wrote in the ‘Area News’ of 9th October  about me that ‘he chose to address a stuffed toy rabbit called Sussan rather than Sussan herself.’

 The background to this is that I believe that I have achieved an Australian first by obtaining agreement for at least three debates with a Federal member. Referring to them as debates is a bit of a misnomer because in the ‘debate’ on Saving the Australian Big Four Banks I have asked Sussan the Politician many times whether she is aware that our banks are already 40% owned by J P Morgan. HSBC and Citigroup. Geoffrey Hudson, assistance from you would be very welcome.

 The agreed debate about banning cancerous orange concentrate was even more bizarre. In Volume 3 of ‘Is Australia a True Democracy?’  chapter 4 is called ‘Diversions, fob offs and ignoring of opponents.’

 Instead of Sussan talking to me she assigned her Media Manager Steven Block to discuss the details prior to direct discussion with Sussan the Politician. Diversions and fob offs occurred for months.  I wanted to know what Sussan my member felt but  Steve decided to go to Barnaby Joyce. I have been trying to contact Barnaby for four years and have written a book ’Barnaby, you know nothing about Valencia Oranges and do not care for those who grow them.’ I sent him a copy of the book by registered mail. It came back ‘Return to Sender.’ He does not have the courage to face up to issues.

 Steve’s final message was ‘As indicated I will continue to chase and come back to you when we have something.’ That was over a year ago. Geoffrey Hudson, if you could get an answer which would help us return Australian profitable control of Australian orange juice manufacturing you would be providing the community with a great service. My only option seems to be to write another script for a debate for You Tube between Sussan the Rabbit and me.

 Pundits are already suggesting that the Liberals might lose Farrer in 2019.

This letter was delivered to Austin’s office and th  assistant – let us call him Xavaier – date stamped, initalied and copied it.

Austin Evans MP Member for Murray

Dear Sir,

During the election campaign you said that you would not debate but in the ’Area News’ of 18th October you were quoted as saying; that you would ‘try to fix people’s issues, deal with them and listen to them.’ That was very encouraging.

There are some huge issues and one is defined in a book called ‘High and Dry. ’ It has a sub heading of ‘How free trade in water will cripple Australian Agriculture.’

Our research group identified four political decisions which we feel caused the 93 years of magnificent growth to fall into decline.

One of those four is the separating water from land by the former Water Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Most people feel that this disastrous decision can never be reversed. However the authors of the book say that it can be and must be reversed. They insist that the  Government ‘particularly given the current chronic drought must immediately quarantine irrigation water so that it cannot be permanently traded for urban, environmental or other uses so as to ensure security of supply to the agricultural sector.’

You have to show great courage and tenacity to influence your own Government. Do you have the ability to do this?

We seek constructive discussion with you based on the contents of this book.

If you have time I suggest you refer to my web site www.brian-mills.com.

Xavier, then said some magic words ‘Austin will want to talk to you about this.

I will be asking Xavier if he would act as an adjudicator.

This was such an exciting prospect that my friend Peter (who was a champion debater at school) and I asked the headmaster of Griffith High School if he could suggest someone to act as an adjudicator between Sussan Ley and myself about the debate which has dragged on for over a year with not much prospect of ever being completed.

Our research group is now super excited. With more than a year before the next elections we are looking at such things following up on the for example the two people who I challenged to a debate when they refused to allow debates when they were elected as convenors. A local FM Radio station manager refused debates and selected a convenor who would not accept debates. Instead of just challenging the convenor to a debate the FM station manager can be challenged to a debate. We could convert the whole of the Federal electorate of Farrer to be democratic.

Perhaps it will just be an easy step to have the election of each of the 150 electorates being democratic