Murray NSW 2019


The member for Murray said that he would not agree to a debate.


Any debate or discussion would be difficult fort him because Austin is already speaking with a forked tongue. In the ‘Area News’ of 6th October he said that the NSW Government should withdraw from the Basin Plan.

Then he said ‘But at some point you have to move beyond just protest and  try to lessen the impact of what has been imposed upon us.’ This is when I show him as a forked tongue frog.





We have now put him in a difficult position by asking his assistant to adjudicate discussions 


Kim Burgess,

National Party Office,

Griffith 2680


Dear Kim,


I have been impressed by your willingness to date stamp, initial and copy my letters.


It would be appreciated if you would agree to adjudicate meetings between Austin Evans and me as we discuss my letters to him. I am sure that we can  have civilised and constructive meetings.


There will be probably many occasions when Austin will claim that some items are Federal. I might choose to make one or two comments but would then be prepared to take them to Sussan Ley.

Premier of NSW   Fax 029339 5500

In the past weeks I have sent you two faxes. Consequently you would be aware that Niall Blair is long overdue in communicating with me as requested by the previous premier.

There is an even more compelling reason for you to ensure that you communicate directly with the people of Menindee. Niall Blair seems incapable of doing so. Representatives of these people made a trip to Sydney to talk with Niall Blair. The attachment contains coarse language but on Social Media when injustice is seen, people  react instinctively

I believe that a person with the impressive title of Deputy Director General DPI Agriculture probably wanted to become a hero. His first letter was as a representative of Niall Blair.

Once the going got tough he said something which I   received in a similar vein from the Mayor of Griffith:

‘Should you raise the same matters again you will not be provided with a response.’ 

Members of Parliament are fearful of debate. During the recent Murray by-election Austin Evans refused to debate. Since then two letters have been date stamped, initialled and copied. The official is prepared to act as an adjudicator on condition that Austin will agree.

My strategy is to tar Austin Evans with the same brush as Niall Blair and the member for Barwon Kevin Humphries who is going to do ‘an Adrian Piccoli’ and will also chicken out.

Premier, the people of Barwon and a legion of Social Media friends will be waiting on you to respond to me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the ‘Barrier Daily Truth.’

Progress or lack of it will be reported in my web site on INFO-Political- Murray NSW 2019. Later I will be adding Barwon 2019. 2019 should see interesting elections in NSW and Federally.