New England is undemocratic

New England is undemocratic

My assessment is that Barnaby Joyce is an opportunistic con man. He started his political life as a Christian party candidate. Perhaps he noted that the talent of those in the National Party was not impressive. He decided to join them and perhaps felt that one day he could be their leader.

A further assessment is that his political maneuvering takes priority over learning about the Valencia orange industry and learning about the real situation with water in Australia.

Barnaby Joyce said that Australia is a democratic country. He said that at elections anyone is free to vote. I contested three elections and voted each time. However the system as it stands does not allow me to debate with the member in any one of the three elections.

Barnaby Debate Challenge 1 Do I have freedom of speech? 

I want to see if it possible to provide references to my web site to provide detail. It is  That is time consuming so only use that option when you have time.

As an independent I believe in free speech. I believe that I have the right to debate with members of the  three tiers of Government. (Ref, INFO-Political-Collusion of 3 tiers of Government). At the most recent election - the NSW Murray by-election - I took it on myself to challenge the National Party  candidate Austin Evans. He accepted being called a gutless b. rather than discuss or debate.

He just squeaked in by 39% of  first preference votes. I believe that John Howard and Tim Fischer acted illegally by using tax payer money to send letters telling people not to vote for Shooters, Fishers and Farmers. I believe that the scare campaign made the difference.  but will anyone discuss it?

For four years the most gutless of them all is Barnaby Joyce. I come from Griffith which  grew strongly for 93 years. When I retired as an engineer and consultant  in four countries I returned to look after my Mum.  The place was in decline and there were skeletons of Valencia orange trees everywhere.


Barnaby Debate Challenge 2 Why were so gutless that you would not even accept the registered letter addressed to you? 

Barnaby Debate Challenge 3 Do you still insist that carbendazim is safe to drink despite the health warning?

Barnaby Debate Challenge 4 Are you prepared to phase in growing more than 300,000 tonnes of Valencia oranges a year to replace banned cancerous imports? 

 I asked my local Federal member for Riverina (before boundary changes) Michael McCormack to ask Barnaby to come to Griffith. All Barnaby  did was to send a four page letter. It showed how out of touch he was that I wrote the book ‘Barnaby, you know nothing about Valencia oranges and do not care for those who grow them.’ Michael wanted to protect Barnaby so he sent a message that we should no longer communicate. I wrote a  book about him which is shown.

Next I went to the Mayor of Griffith and  his protection of Barnaby was to ask me to take his (the Mayor’s) name from my email address.  I invoked the same Community Strategic Plan but the General Manager of Council ignored me. My letters to the State Minister for Local Government Paul Toole led him to arrange for two stooges to send nonsensical letters before he was fired. The replacement minister Gabrielle Upton has not responded.

During these fax exchanges I included the previous Premier. My letter referred to our problems with agriculture and there were two letters from the Premier’s office asking the NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair to contact me . He never did but a person with the impressive title of Deputy Director General DPI Agriculture probably wanted to become a hero so he responded on behalf of Niall. However as soon as the going got tough his ploy was ‘Should you raise the same matters again you will not be provided with a response.’ This is used by the Mayor and Council of Griffith and seemingly by Barnaby Joyce.  

I  have friends in the Menindee Lakes area. With water theft in huge volumes basically proved on 4 Corners, a group travelled to Sydney to talk directly with Niall Blair. They were devastated to learn that 200 households could suffer a terrible fate. A correspondent wrote:

‘A letter from Niall Blair’s office confirming that the Government  will not help Menindee and surrounding areas with the delivery of water once the water in the river is too stale, stinking and poisonous to use. We have to cart our own water even though we do not have the containers or vehicles to do it.

 ‘I do not know how we are going to shower or flush the toilet when the time arises.’

The 4 Corners Report is now ‘yesterday’s news’  and even the report is no longer available.

I challenge Niall Blair to a long overdue debate.

Barnaby Debate Challenge 5 You, Niall Blair and Neil Andrew the chairman of MDBA should explain why you oppose the removal of the  barrages at the Lower Lakes.

 Barnaby Debate Challenge 6 You, Niall Blair and Neil Andrew the chairman of MDBA should agree to the disbanding of MDBA after the theft of water, the blue/green algae in the Menindee Lakes system, the drying up of the Darling River and Broken Hill running out of water.


Niall is the criminal. A question for the Senators, what are you doing and when? After I attended the Senate Inquiry into Citrus there was so little action that I wrote the book 'WHODUNNIT The Last Nail in the Coffin of the Citrus Family Farm.' Now I am after Barnaby Joyce. Is it necessary (gasp) to write a book about Niall Blair?

 There was a very important meeting in Griffith on 11th September  when MDBA were trying to persuade the stakeholders including NSW Farmers and Austin Evans  - in his capacity as administrator of merged councils  - were there but hardly said anything.

At the meeting with MDBA the next day on Tuesday 12th September 2017  I had some very feisty exchanges with the chairman of MDBA Neil Andrew who was a Liberal member for 11 years. Neil will be one of my targets for disbanding MDBA. I  expressed my great concerns about Broken Hill drinking water, blue/green algae at Menidee Lakes, the stealing of water for cotton and the drying up of the Darling River. Neil Andrew said that there were no problems and that he would be there in a few days from then.

One of the key criminals is Barnaby Joyce.

As usual the subject matter was the environment and to Hell with the economic livelihood of farmers. The only questions that were to be allowed were about the progress of the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism.   The presentation for this -  latest environmental plan at the expense of  the economic slaughter  - is to presented for approval by none other than Barnaby Joyce.

 The CEO  Phillip Glyde has the responsibility of completing the presentation to Barnaby. I pointed out that Phillip had been appointed by Barnaby. That  got me silenced.

It was heartbreaking to hear the pleas of three farmers  trying to  get MDBA to balance the economic issues with the environment. There waas meant to be what was  called the triple bottom line representing economic strength for farmers, the environmwent  and the community. 





At the conclusion of the meetiong on 12th Septembere Neil and I had one last tussle and Neil dropped two clangers  One was Neil saying that he was a member of Parliament and assisted with the start of tariff reductions. Refer to INFO-Economics-Tariff Reduction Consequences. It seems that absolutely no one can be persuaded to even discuss the consequences of tariff reduction so whan Neil was prod to say that he was one of the first to be involved wityh legislating thishe was the ideal person to challenge for a debate. I emailed my version olf the consequences. He not only did want to discuss it he went further and suggested that we should not communicate again. 

For the record I should add Barnaby to the list and issue challenge number 11 

The other was that he - as a horticulturalist – was the person as a Speaker of the House = who fully supported the bulldozing of the equivalent number of farms of  Valencia orange trees which used to provide farmers with more than an additional 200,000 tonnes per year of healthy Valencia oranges. After four years of trying to  contact Barnaby, I now probably know who initiated this deadly situation.  

As a person who claimed to have started tariff reductions I sent him  INFO-Economics-Tariff Reductioin Consequences. His response was to say that we shold not longer commuicate. I said that i could accept that. In future I will not talk to him but will talk about him.

Neil and his executive director Carl Binning were at a meeting in Menindee. A report in the ‘Barrier Daily Truth’  included  ‘of the 100 community members who attended the meeting not one would have been satisfied with the meeting.’

People in Griffith remeber the BAN THE PLAN meeting. Others should refrefer to the HOME page of this web site. It was the Coalition who wanted to save our irrigation water from being taken away. It was only a few months after the meeting at Yoogali Club on 15th December 2011 that the big betrayal by the Coalition took place. Now almost six years on almost all of the top jobs in MDBA are Coalition has beens. 

Australian agriculture is in bad shape. We recognised it a long time ago. For years we tried to contact Barnaby but he employed someone we described as ‘the Bureaucratic Wannabe.’ Melinda Hashimoto diverted and delayed us for years. One memorable high point was when I asked for Barnaby to comment on a report from a professor at Monash University who stated that Australia has no future in fruit growing and other contentious statements. Melinda referred us to Barnaby’s chief economist Matthew Canavan. We felt that we had achieved something special. After some initial discussion I summarised our requirements in a letter on 9th July 2013.

 ‘Dear Matthew,

 ‘My principal requests seem to me to be easy to define. The one economist I talked to said:

 Australia has no future in fruit growing

  1. The reduction in tariffs since 1970 has been good for Australian manufacturing to minimise traditional manufacturing   to provide a transition to capital based activities.

 Cutting edge animation design might support a dozen jobs. There were have to be a lot of them to balance the million or so conventional jobs lost.

 My life was changed when I saw a DVD produced by Lance Endersbee in 1996. I did not see it until 2011 after Lance had passed on. I could not believe the low figures for Production and Agriculture. I checked and found that  each had reduced since then. A few years on  I found manufacturing to be down to 7.2% and agriculture down to 1.2%  each as a percentage of GDP. Referring to the attachment the four columns on the left hand side were produced by Lance and I have added the others

 ‘My understanding is that Lance felt that at least 30% of Production (manufacturing and agriculture) is needed to support  70%  of  Services each as percentages of GDP. It is also my understanding that under 30% (and we are well under that)  represents a government in paralysis.




  ‘The  graph  comparing two Developing Countries (China and Indonesia) and of  two Developed Countries (USA and Australia). It also  shows the deterioration in Australia’s situation can be seen in INFO-Economics-Matthew Canavan Barnaby’s economist.  Please comment on the 30:70 rule.’

 I phoned Matthew a number of times but he kept putting me off. Then I gave up – until now. With the New England by-election coming up I want to list all of  the people   and all of the members of The Establishment who need to smarten up to put Australian agriculture with some sort of improving outlook.

 Barnaby Debate Challenge 7. Over to you Barnaby - does Australia have a future in fruit growing? 




 It was Joe Hockey not you (Barnaby Joyce) who legislated that Coca Cola had to pay to upgrade the fruitb processing equipment to save the remaining soft fruit trees.

 Government trade agreementgs ensure that if a multinational (such as Coca Cola) can sue a national Government if they cannot achieve profits that they can enjoy overseas. Coca cola's Australian profitas are under pressure. Where do you stand  Barnaby Joyce? Are you prepared to debate this during the by-election?  Are you prepared to debate the contents of the book I wrote whose cover is shown? 

Undemocratic "Meet the Candidates session do not allow debates. That is why I have made a film which will be directing voters to the debates with you in this web site.  

  I believe that I have achieved an Australian first by obtaining agreement for at least three debates with a Federal member. Referring to them as debates is a bit of a misnomer because in the ‘debate’ on Saving the Australian Big Four Banks I have asked Sussan the Politician many times whether she is aware that our banks are already 40% owned by J P Morgan. HSBC and Citigroup.

Barnaby Debate Challenge 8.Are you aware that our banks are already 40% owned by J P Morgan. HSBC and Citigroup?




The agreed debate about banning cancerous orange concentrate was even more bizarre. In Volume 3 of ‘Is Australia a True Democracy?’  chapter 4 is called ‘Diversions, fob offs and road blocks.’

 Instead of Sussan talking to me she assigned her Media Manager Steven Block to discuss the details prior to direct discussion with Sussan the Politician. Diversions and fob offs occurred for months.  I wanted to know what Sussan my member felt but  Steve decided to go to Barnaby Joyce. There is that name again, It seems that wherever something is going wrong it is because of Barnaby.

 Steve’s final message was ‘As indicated I will continue to chase and come back to you when we have something.’

Pundits are already suggesting that the Liberals might lose Farrer in 2019.

My BIG question is whether it is possible for anyone to debater with Barnaby. The answer is no. In New England  the Establishment use the undemocratic ‘Meet the Candidates’ which do not allow debate? Barnaby

Debate Challenge 9.

If it is not possible to debate the use of hundreds of signatures on a petition to ban imported product including any level at all of the fungicide carbendazim, where is justice in this country?

Barnaby Debate Challenge 10

The most conclusive debate item relates to health aspects and there is be a film available to anyone on the internet 

INFO-Economics-Save the Valencia Orange Industry includes :

  1. A German report that carbendazim - the fungicide in imported orange concentrate – is cancerous.
  2. The reasons why a plan to ban carbendazim from April 2012 did not proceed.
  3.    Use countervailing duty as accepted by WTO to quickly phase out the importation of cancerous orange
  4.    A constructive plan to reverse the trend of Valencia orange production which was 400,000 tonnes per year in 1970 and which is down to less than 200,000 tpy now.

 The report from the German Pesticide Action Network states: ‘Independent literature shows carbendazim is a very dangerous chemical toxin, causing malformations in the foetus at very low doses and it is not known if a safe level exists. Carbendazim is capable of disrupting chromosome unfolding, can cause infertility and cancer.’

 While Sussan was still Minister for Health she sent me a signed  letter which included:
‘… requiring birth defects and male infertility warning statements on all labels.'

On Face Book I equated this to the increasing number of Australian couples who seek surrogacy arrangements in Thailand and other places.

In four years of trying I have never been able to debate this or anything else with Barnaby.

Barnaby Debate Challenge 11

This impossible challenge is just for the record - the consequences of starting to reduce tariffs in 1970. Refer INFO-Economics- Tariff reduction consequences.


This represents eleven of the debate challenges I seek with Barnaby.

Our research group has made progress. Instead of waiting for the Establishment to allow debate we agreed that I issue a debate challenge to Austin Evans. When we realised that he accepted being called gutless rather than discuss or debate we put 2 and 2 and it came to 4. We then agreed that because Sussan Ley would not honour the debates whose terms we agreed, we felt that we had the measure of Sussan and her Media Manager Steve Block. The big step was to agree among ourselves (at very least) that because Barnaby Joyce had not responded after four years that must put him into the super gutless category. I then issued debate challenges to the two members of the Establishment, the radio station and the Griffith Business Chamber who hosted the non debate venues and they did not respond. We established a gutless list. Since the I have issued challenges to NSW Farmers, sri in Deniliquin, the NSW Minister for Local Government (again), Matthew Canavan and even Malcolm Turnbull. We feel that we have made progress. Where will it lead?