After pursuing the criminals for so long we decided that it was time to start bring them to heel and remove them.

Right from start Barnaby Joyce was at the top of the list and I have written a book about him. It is shown below on the left. 


After seeing the skeletons of Valencia orange trees and learning about the imported cancerous orange concentrate which is causing all of the damage we collected hundreds of petitions from health conscious people and tried to contact Barnaby Joyce. He did not visit but he sent a four page letter. It showed how out of touch he is is so I wrote the book shown upper left.

He is such a loser that he is in danger of losing his seat because of his KIWI heritage.

As an independent one of my contentious policies is that the three tiers of Government are in collusion and I will attack all three at the same time.

On 21st August 2014 I sent a letter to the Mayor of Griffith with a plan for the Valencia industry. He ignored it

It was a few years ago now that I invoked the Griffith City Council Community Strategic Plan.  Item C4 of the Griffith City Council Community Strategic Plan  states ‘To advocate on behalf of the community with State and Federal authorities.’ 

 I asked the Mayor of Griffith  to contact Barnaby Joyce. He responded by emailing me to ask me to take his name from my email list. Later I invoked item C4 with the General Manager. He never responded so I faxed  the State Minister for Local Government. Two of his staff sent  me nonsensical answers. Soon after that he was demoted. To date his replacement has not answered but Gabrielle Upton will be contacted on Monday. She is member for Vaucluse and was booted out as Attorney - General for NSW 

While I was sending successive faxes I added a former adversary Troy Grant, Adrian Piccoli and the Premier to the list. A surprise respondent was the Office of the Premier. I had referred to the agricultural problems in our region and the letter to me from the Premier’s office  which was also sent  to Niall Blair was that Niall should write to me but he never did. I believe that a person with the impressive title of Deputy Director General DPI Agriculture probably wanted to become a hero. His first letter was as a representative of Niall Blair.

After that even he was evasive but the letters he sent are on file and I am prepared to debate the contents with you for us to agree or to disagree on the ability of the Nationals to represent Murray.

I am in contact with like minded people in Broken Hill who are running short of drinking water. The stories I hear about Niall Blair border on being criminal so I invite a three way debate.

‘Riverina Citrus which was based in Griffith had been the statutory body which represented 600 citrus farmers, 50 packing houses and 8 juice manufacturers in the Riverina. This magnificent organisation imploded.’

 They were the glory days. Recently Adrian Piccoli said that Griffith now depends on the chicken industry. They are now bringing in robots to replace people This has to be a dangerous sign for Griffith.

 In our region we used to grow 400.000 tonnes per year of heathy Australian Valencia oranges - now we are down to less than 200,000 tonnes per year. The skeletons of those trees have been replaced by imported concentrate which is cancerous, has no  Vitamin C and no antioxidants. 

In 2013 I attended a Senate Inquiiry into Citrus and this was presanted:  

“In a letter to Senator Xenophon in January(2012), Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, the Hon Catherine King MP, stated that orange juice concentrate containing any level of the fungicide would not be permitted to be imported into Australia after April 2012.”      

On page 26 on my book,  Hansard has this from the Chairman Senator Heffernan: ‘given that there was lobbying……. as Catherine King stated before she was lobbied.’

 One of my missions in life is to expose the graft and corruption which caused this to happen and to name and shame all of those  who are ensuring that we cannot return to our glory days.\OBarnaby Joyce is still the top criminal. Right up there is the Mayor of Griffith 

Nne Australian company with a good Aussie name seems to be one of the biggest crooks. Berri Fruit Juice Comany. I hope that someone will be able to correct me but whenever I see their juice in every hospital and delivered by all Meals on Wheels persons I see a fluid including the cancerous carbendazim. This is fungicide needed by cartels in Brazil who have cleared rain forest to flood the world with their poison. 



Barnaby has broken the law on citizenship. Niall Blair and Kevin Humphpries have  hiddedn information relating to the stealing of water for the bernefit of cotton growers.   Suddenly Murray is a marginal seat . Dirty tricks were needed when Austin Evans got only 38.9% of the primary vote and had a swing of 13% against him. As an independent i had to get approval a week early for my policies. But two crooks John Howard and Tim Fischer did not have approval to score the two front pages of the "Daily Telegraph' and loads of tax payer money to mail me and others to not vote for Shooters, Fishers and Farmers. 



 On Monday 23rd OPctober at there will be meeting to receive confirmation of tbe replacement of item C4 of the strategic plan which gives the citizens of Griffith Council access to politicians like Niall Blair and Barnaby Joyce. This time via Social Media and websites on the inernet we want to learn the baby steps needed to confirm that there is no collusion between the three tiers of Government.