Skeletons of Orange Trees

About Us


Three ex Griffith High School students started research and concluded that

four political decisions had caused our Valencia orange production to fall from

400,000 tonnes per year in 1970 to less than 200,000 try now. The political

decisions we claim are:

  1. Starting to reduce tariffs in 1970
  2. Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to separate water from land.
  3. Reversal of the ban which would have not allowed the importation of
  4. carbendazim from April 2012
  5. The formation of the MDBA in its present form.

The politicians and members of The Establishment helped kill the industry.

Kay Hull was Federal member for Riverina from 1998 to 2010 and said that

she was proud of the growers who bulldozed their Valencia orange trees.

When we saw the skeletons of the trees we asked our Federal Member -

Michael McCormack to contact the Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce.


All I got was a 4 page letter from Barnaby. It showed how out of touch he is

so I wrote the book about Barnaby whose cover is shown below.

When Michael was told that we wanted him to follow up he arranged for

an assistant to advise that we should no longer communicate. I wrote

the book about Michael as shown. The cover was a front page header by

our local newspaper.


 I invoked the Council Community Strategic Plan which provides access  to

members of Parliament. Soon after that, the Mayor asked me to take his

name off my email list. 




 The management of Griffith Business Chamber would not help. One strategy

for us is to name and shame as many as possible who were destroying our



Neil Andrews held various positions in Federal Parliament from Deputy Chair

of Committees in 1985 to Speaker of the House in 2004. Neil had been a

horticulturalist  so would have wielded influence while Kay Hull was in



Neil still has very firm views that farm land suitable for citrus should be

growing any varieties of citrus except Valencias. He felt that my attacks on

Barnaby Joyce were completely unwarranted. His logic, as he described to

me, was that Navels, mandarins and others can be sold as items whereas

the only product from Valencias is juice.


Our group could never reconcile the logic of tonnage reducing from 400,000

tpy to less than 200,000 tpy. At last we can now see why the decisions were

made and led by whom.


Neil will now be among the people we challenge to debate the merits and

otherwise of the huge volumes of juice sold every year in Australia which we

consider to be cancerous, have no Vitamin C and no antioxidants.


Barnaby Joyce and many others quote FSANZ (Food Standards Australia

New Zealand) as the authority that the levels of carbendazim allowed into

Australia are quite safe.


As early as 3rd July 2013 when I made a presentation to the Senate Inquiry

into Citrus the deadly nature of carbendazimn was known by a few but not

accepted by The Establishment. That inquiry failed in most of its objectives.

I tried for a year and was only  able to have any one of those senators  - or

the three replacement senators - to respond to me. That was John Madigan

who wanted assistance with a speech he was about to make but never made

contact again. Even Nick Xenophon never answered again even though some

of his quotes during that 30 minutes were magical. I wrote ‘WHODUNNIT The

Last Nail in the Coffin of the Citrus Family Farm.’


Nick’s most important contribution was ‘FSANZ may try to bury the facts but

they cannot bury this issue.’


Close behind that was ‘FSANZ chief Executive Officer, Steve McCutcheon,

effectively admitted that lobbying from juice processors was a key factor in

forcing the last minute ‘review’ of this ban.’


The ban was in this quote:  ‘In a letter to Senator Xenophon in  January

(2012), Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Aging , the Hon Catherine

King MP, stated that orange juice concentrate containing any level of the

fungicide would not be permitted to be imported into Australia after April



I believe that I have reason to believe that the ‘lobbying’ which Steve

McCutcheon referred to could be replaced by ‘bribery.’ My claim to AFP

(Australian Federal Police) is still current.


An eminent German authority states:


‘Independent literature shows Carbendazim is a very dangerous

chemical toxin, causing malformations in the foetus at very low

doses and it is not known if a safe level exists. Carbendazim is

capable of disrupting chromosome unfolding, can cause infertility

and cancer.’


While Sussan Ley was still Health Minister and responsible for APVMA,  she

wrote to me:

‘APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) then

took the necessary action …. revising the safety directions  ….

requiring birth defects and male infertility warning statements on

all labels.'


On Social Media there was  link between  the use of carbendazim and  the

increasing move for Australian couples to seek surrogacy arrangements in

the Philippines and other places.


There is yet another reason why Barnaby Joyce, Niall Blair, Austin Evans the

new NSW member for Murray and Sussan Ley theb Fedewral member for

Farrer should all legislate to save the Valencia orange industry. We have

hundreds of signatures on a petition to ban th eimort of the cancerous