David Littleproud

For years Barnaby Joyce dodged me and I wrote a book about him. It seemed that I was catching up with him so I started to write my second ‘Barnaby book.’ He dodg4ed again by promoting himself to Minister for Infrastructure .

I have changed the title of the second book to ‘Successive Ministers of Agriculture.’ This will include David Littleproud. I had reason to communicate with David  as an ex banker. This was approximately 20th August 2017. The subject was  ‘Saving Australian Banking System’ but he never responded.

 On 19th December 2017 I sent a letter  to him as the new Minister of Agriculture. The subjects were saving the stone fruits industry and also about the  4 Corners program relating to the stealing water and other issues. There was automatic acceptance of my email but no response yet.


During the Christmas period I sent a letter to the ‘Dalby Herald’ which I hope will be published prior to the New Year.  

Months earlier on 21st August 2017 I had reason to send a fax to David (as an ex banker) in relation to Saving Austyralia's Big Four banks 

David Littleproud  Fax 0262778493

I believe in freedom of speech. I also believe that every one of our 150 members should allow at least one adjudicated debate prior to the calling of the next election.

My member agreed to a debate on the strength of Australia’s Big Four banks. My plan is to ask this of every member. I have always been interested in Maranoa but the fact that you were a banker ensures that I will be in contact for the next two years

Barnaby Joyce (who has never communicated even though I have written ‘Barnaby, you do not understand Valencia oranges and do not care for those who grow them’) said that Australia is a free country because everyone has the right to vote. I contested two elections as an independent and was able to vote each time. However I was not able to debate with the member either time. The first time I wrote Volume 1 of the book whose cover is shown as Attachment 1. Then I wrote Volume 2 after the second election campaign.





In my electorate, calling it a debate is a bit of a misnomer. Sussan wrote me a two page letter. The content of it led me to communicate with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and APRA (Australia Prudential Regulation Authority). I had seen the true film of ‘The Big Short.’ Actors played real people who could forsee the bank collapse of 2008. Some pundits predict that a bigger collapse is imminent.

Attachment 2 shows a curve of ever increasing derivatives threatening Australia’s banks and the content of the description by RBA within the curve says:


‘Australia’s banks have become addicted to derivatives, the fraudulent and toxic betting instruments that caused the 2008 financial crash. While derivatives betting globally levelled off for a few years after 2008, in Australia it exploded. The combined derivatives exposure of Australia’s banks has risen 163 per cent in eight years, with Bank’s consolidated off balance sheet business now in excess of $35 trillion.’

Sussan included this in her letter: ‘Australia's approach to managing risk in the banking sector has been to focus on strong oversight by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Banks continue to be intensively supervised by APRA and the Australian banking system continues to perform strongly.’

A part of my response in the debate was to show this:

APRA published Prudential Standard CPS 226. On page 10 it showed that it was calling for each of the Big Four to reduce their derivatives to $4.5 trillion (with a ‘t’) by 1st September 2017.

 APRA said that the requirement is legally binding. I asked Sussan whether the APRA requirement had been or is planned to be legislated.  I asked by email three more times. Then I asked via an open letter in the local newspaper  but still no response.

David, today 21st  August  2017 I am asking whether you would agree with what Susan said in the paragraph starting  ‘Sussan  included….’   If not, then I ask how  you would respond.

No response will be interpreted as you having the same approach to the Government’s  attitude on the strength of the Big Four banks. 

Yours faithfully,

Letter 19th DFecember 2017

Letter to new Minister for Agriculture.

For four long years I tried to make contact with Barnaby Joyce. I even wrote a book about him. When I mailed it to him after paying for registration it came back ‘Return to Sender.’ Just last week (Wednesday 13th December) I achieved having a debate challenge published in a New England newspaper and the next day having his office FINALLY accept two debate challenges. Suddenly all of this can be fobbed off to you.

David, you  can become a hero but the task is enormous.  Way back on 9th July 2013 I sent a three item letter to Barnaby Joyce and his economics expert  Matthew Canavan. I spoke to Matthew a number of times but then gave up until Barnaby’s by-election.

Barnaby’s office would not accept it because I am an out of towner.  During the by-election he declared war on out of towners and also did what I felt was undemocratic – he refused to debate or even attend forums.

Weeks passed and then these went into the newspaper and were accepted

‘Two seasons ago  there was a crisis in stone fruits and about half of the growers had to bulldoze their trees, went broke and left the industry. Joe Hockey (not you as Minister for Agriculture)  insisted that it was up to Coca Cola to invest and save what remained of the industry. Where were you, Barnaby?

‘Meanwhile the Coalition has legislated free trade agreements where the small print advises that if multinationals cannot get profits that  they can expect world wide,  then they can sue the Australian Government.

‘Recently Coca Cola experienced a drop in profit. What are the implications for Cobram, the stone fruits industry and the Australian Government?

Just as I was about to send that letter I received a letter which  prompted another debate challenge.

‘Dear Barnaby,

‘Soon after I completed my first debate challenge to you I received this heart rending letter from a friend in Broken Hill who is so concerned about what the MDBA (Murray Darling Basin Authority)  - in which you are a key person - is doing to his region that he sent this to the Governor-General:

'Dear Governor-General,

' I am very concerned with the situation regarding the trading of water and the current Government Authorities handling the river systems.

‘A July airing of 4 Corners entitled “Pumped”  revealed massive water theft by some irrigators, political corruption of NSW politicians and bureaucrats, the withdrawal of a state water enforcement investigation team and illegal earthworks.
‘Since then Police in Queensland have raided a Norman Farming cotton farm for fraudulent use of Commonwealth funds.

‘The New South Wales Government is spending $500 million dollars on a pipeline from Wentworth to Broken Hill to secure a water supply.
This pipeline was lobbied for by Cotton Australia.

‘On Page 11 of Cotton Australia’s Annual report 2016 -2017 they say:
Another great example of united achievement was having the NSW Government commit to securing an alternative water supply for Broken Hill. This result was driven by a joint effort from BRFF, GVIA, Namoi Water, Barwon-Darling Water, the Cotton Grower Associations and Cotton Australia.

‘When this pipeline is completed there will be no need to store water in the Menindee Lakes unless to mitigate flooding.
This will kill the Lower Darling River, it’s environment and biodiversity, its communities and destroy the livelihood of irrigators depending on it for a water supply.

‘I ask you to order a Judicial Inquiry into the Murray Darling Basin Authority and the Murray Darling Basin Plan with a halt to all work current and planned until these matters are sorted out.
‘This may take a long time but it is a matter of urgency as it goes against political decisions.
‘If you cannot order this can you please place pressure on the Prime Minister to action it.

‘Thanking you.’

This is the response from the office of the Governor-General:

‘Dear Mr xxx

‘I refer to your email to the Governor-General.  His Excellency has asked me to reply to you on his behalf. 

‘I understand that this matter is of concern to you and your views have been noted.  I regret to advise, however, that the Governor-General cannot become involved in matters that are the responsibility of governments.

‘You may like to bring your concerns to the attention of your elected representatives.

‘Yours sincerely.’

Barnaby, you are one of the key ‘elected representatives’  and you must debate this issue and now - during the by-election.

It is my contention that The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) needs to be disbanded or completely revamped. There are so many states, ministers, stakeholders and pressure groups that nothing of consequence is ever agreed. A hero is needed to cut all of the red tape and to discourage  fob offs.

There are graphs showing ever increasing food IMPORTS and ever increasing rural farm debt.









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