Save Valencia Orange industry

Save Valencia Orange industry


 In the 2016 Federal election Sussan Ley dodged me all the way for 8 weeks so I wrote Volume 2 of 'Is Australia a True Democracy?' . 

The Liberal Party opened an office for Sussan Ley in Griffith NSW my home base. When I was able to arrange a meeting on 1st September, Volume 3 was going to include how we could finally save the Valencia Orange Industry by discussing this plan:

1.       A German report that carbendazim - the fungicide in imported orange concentrate – is cancerous.

2.       The reasons why a plan to ban carbendazim from April 2012 did not proceed.

3.    Use countervailing duty as accepted by WTO to quickly phase out the importation of cancerous orange

      4.    A constructive plan to reverse the trend of Valencia orange production which was 400,000 tonnes per year in 1970 and which is down to less than 200,000 tpy now.


However, the meeting was not with Sussan Ley but with her media adviser. Instead there is a chapter called ‘Diversions, Delays and Ignoring of Independent Candidate.’

It seems that Sussan and her adviser  talked together and they decided to terminate the issue by eliminating the option of proving that carbendazim (the fungicide in imported Brazilian orange concentrate) is cancerous. Sussan sent me a signed  letter.  Sussan shot herself in the foot because it included:

‘… requiring birth defects and male infertility warning statements on all labels.'

I have never seen labels likehthat and asked for proof which never came.

 Perhaps I have achieved an Australia wide first by having Sussan - member of an Australian Parliament - to agree to a public debate on banking. I also have an agreed  debate with Sussan - not her media adviser on phasing out cancerous carbendazim. 


Four years ago I was told that the day would come when Social Media will be able to win elections. I took a crash course and on 28th October 2017 produced this: 

A correspondent said: ‘This is where Turnbull shows how out of touch he is. He wants the constitution changed. Last time I looked we are still not a dictatorship. The constitution is there to protect WE the people not politicians that are leaning towards a dictatorship. The United Nations are promoting their dictatorship with the help of the Turnbull clan.’ My response was: 

‘Turnbull's mate King Howard illegally won the Murray by-election for the Nats. As an independent i had to spend time with the Electoral Commission to be able to make my pitch at the election.

‘S*** said King Howard and loyal voters strained to the cause. With no approval from the Electoral Commission King Howard said 'Do not vote for Shooters, Fishers and Farmers.’  Now  Austin Evans who would not debate during or since the election is the member for Murray. He speaks with a forked tongue 




 During the election, the Establishment would not allow debate as desscibed in INFO-Politics-Media. I took it on myself to issue debate challanges to Austin Evans. He accepted being referred to as a gutless b. as long as he he did not have to debate. As described above he has  'earned' a pension for life. 


Since the election, I have presented two letters - each as a debate challenge - which have been date stamped, initialled and copied. I consider the official who followed this up to be a straight shooter. He has agreed to act as an adjudicator as long as Austin agrees. Austin will not want to but my Plan B is to involve the Premier of NSW who made history making visits to help him win. 

With the prospect of this beiong successful, our research group who were in debating teams at Griffith High School, have made approaches to the Head Master to arrange for an adjudicator for my year long debate with Sussan to be finalised (and lost by Sussan)  well before the next election.