Economics Professor

While I was in Victoria selling oranges I visited an economics professor at Monash University. He told \me two things which I did not believe but 6 years on no one has been prepared (except from me) to try to prove him wrong.

He stated 

  1. Australia has no future in fruit growing
  2. The reduction in tariffs since 1970 has been good for Australian manufacturing to minimise traditional manufacturing   to provide a transition to capital based activities.


‘When I saw a DVD produced by Lance Endersbee in 1996. I could not believe the low figures for Production and Agriculture. I checked and found that  each had reduced since then. A few weeks ago I found manufacturing to be down to 7.2% and agriculture down to 2.2%  each as a percentage of GDP.


My understanding is that Lance felt that at least 30% of Production (manufacturing and agriculture) is needed to support  70%  of  Services each as percentages of GDP. It is also my understanding that under 30% (and we are well under that)  represents a government in paralysis. Lance you have 100% on that agreement from me. 

At this time I started my (so far) 4 years of trying to debate with Barnaby Joyce. There were dozens of times when we tried to make email contact and  we were given stupid responses, were diverted or ignored by his assistant who we referred to as the Bureaucratic Wannabe.   One of the few worthwhile diversions came when she referred us to Barnaby's economics expert Mathew Canavan.

‘The attached a graph  comparing two Developing Countries (China and Indonesia) and of  two Developed Countries (USA and Australia). It also  shows the deterioration in Australia’s situation.  Please comment on the 30:70 rule.’


 I sent Matthew a letter and then phoned Matthew a number of times but he kept putting me off. Then I gave up.

It was amazing to me to see that Barnaby became Deputy Prime Minister and that Matt became a cabinet member. 

Perhaps justice will be served now that both are under a political cloud.