Voice Recording

At the start of the 2017 by-election for Murray I was invited to be interviewed on FM radio. I agreed based on getting a copy of the interview.

it was of interred for me to know that the plan was to interview each candidate and that all of the interviews would be available throughout the electorate. To me as a former consultant in four countries to know that the data would be available to those who were interested was very exciting.

in my working life it was always of interest to be able to analyse what people said and what did it told me about the person. What was he he/she really saying?  

 During the campaign the person of most interest to me was Austin Evans.

There always seemed to be a lot of babble and very little logical content.

The most obvious blooper which was repeated by Austin and his fellow National  'supposed independent'   Peter Robinson was that even though they both said how concerned they were about MDBA but that the 'people of Sydney' had all of the influence so that nothing could be achieved.

The two reasons that I am in politics are first to exercise my right to debate with members of Parliament and those who are planning to replace members who have chickened out. The other reason is to try to smash the duopoly which has been in force in Australian Federal politics for 117 years.

FM Radio sponsored an undemocratic 'Meet the Candidates' Despite my requests to the manager  of the FM station and to the convener, free speech in the form of debate with the Nationals candidate was not allowed.

The convener emailed me these examples of hypocrisy by councilor  Brian Simpson

If you wish to exercise your democratic right and not attend that is up to you.

As you strive to join the so called establishment.  I am writing a book 'The Failure of the Australian Establishment' the last thing I want to do its to join them 

Stop launching at people and stand up and be counted.

Your persistence in seeking a debate is tiresome